Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listen to Your Body

I want to apologize for not having a post for Thursday. Unfortunately, I got food poisoning....BOY was it bad...I may never be able to eat a certain type of food again. I just want to touch base on how important listening to your body is when it is ill or spent or just not performing well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Take a moment to rest. I know I have talked about it earlier but the situation I was in today really made me think about how I was treating my body. Thursday morning I had to be up extra early for some work training and I got up early enough to fit in a workout. However, from the moment I got up...I knew that something was wrong. I was SUPER nauseated and just didn't have a lot of umph. So, I thought "whatever, it's just a phase or thought, working out will make it better". So, I hop my my trusted elliptical and I began to well... run. The warm up alone was hard to get through, so I decided ok my body maybe can't handle more than a 30 min session. After doing one high intensity drill at ten min I thought I was going to lose my cookies. I still ignored it and fought with every ounce. I kept saying just 15 more min which turned to 10 and then...I was hurting and I was feeling far more nauseated and I BARELY made it to 25 min of a not very well performed workout with all my breaks. My point: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, NOT THE NEGATIVE VOICE THAT MAKES EXCUSES. I was very disappointed to not put in enough time and effort in my workout because I was so focused on just making sure I worked out today, that I ignored the warning signs and pleas from my body that today should have been a rest day or something a lot more simple. Your body is smart, please listen to it and don't let stupid things get in the way of it's overall well being.


  1. Yea when one is ill it's best to just rest and not do anything. I know alot of people who have been sick and even went to work puking and such. It's bad. Being sick happens when a person has over worked your body and such. so rest up and take it easy. there's been people around here who got so sick they had to go to the hospital.

  2. exactly night owler! it's important to put the needs of your body and take care of it.


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