Tuesday, May 14, 2013


OUCH! My arms hurt just typing this lol. Today was a lift + cardio day today. I did CLX and then after work I WILL fit in a HIIT, 20-30 minutes probably. Any way, lets talk shoes!!!! YAHOO! Now it is different for everyone! We all have different  shapes and structures and different body types. What may work for me, may not work for you! Keep that in mind! Now you can always go to your own local shoe store, preferably an athletic shoe store, to give you your own personalized consultation on footwear and your type of feet. You can also go to like a local grocery store (I think it's usually Walmart..sorry) and get on one of those Dr. Scholls machines to get inserts for your shoes to help any shoe fit your need because you'll have that additional support.

Now, I am a Nike girl. I don't know why, but I just like their selection and I feel like they have great quality clothing that I feel comfortable in and it's stylish too. I use two different types of shoes depending on my activity. For lifting, I like my Nike Free's. I feel like I have more stability with them since they are apart of the barefoot technology fad. I am a cluts and have horrible stability and tend to fall over or wabble doing a basic lunge so I like the stability the Free's give me by being able to use those muslces that aren't usually initiated in regular tennis shoes. However, I wouldn't really reccomend this type of shoe for high impact exercises. Yeah, they strengthen your feet by allowing you to use the muscles that you engage walking in bare feet, but they don't tend to give the shock support from bouncing around or running and what not. I've heard a lot of foot injuries have become more common due to the barefoot technology shoes.

For Cardio to say that I LOVE the Nike Lunars is an understatement. They are lightweight and have incredible support for my high arched, under pronated feet! Now if you've never heard of pronation I have a post in my fit tips about overpronation, underpronation aka supination and neutral ride for your feet. It's quite important you know your feet so you can support them properly during your workouts. Anyway, back to lunars. They are very shock absorbant and give great cushion and support for my feet and I have had foot problems since I started by fitness journey and have gone through numerous shoes to support my feet and none of them have been as delightful as Nike Lunars for me!

Nike Free

Nike Lunarglide+4

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