Sunday, June 2, 2013

A little bugged...

On Friday morning as I was scurrying to get ready for work I had my tv on and the Dr. Oz show came on. Their big topic was "Wheat is what is making Americans fat" with the information from a newly published book and the author was his guest. When the announcer was just previewing what was going to be on today's show, just the summary alone sort of bugged me. The way the information was presented was that wheat is causing everyone to be obese and it's unhealthy and it makes you crave other fatty foods everyone should stop eating it all together. Now I get that there are people out there that have food allergies or sensitivities to wheat that could either cause harm to their health or yes it may assist in their weight gain or cause inflamation. But how the information was presented was so dramatic and taken out of context that I feel like it was to scare everyone out of eating wheat. I agree with the author that wheat is not the same today as it was back then...but not all wheat is created equally. Genetically modified and processed wheat does not provide the same nutrients or what not as pure or whole wheat can. I felt their information was very misleading. Let's set this record straight. Genetically modified or processed wheat has had all the nutrients stripped out of it and artificial crap put into it to make it look more appealing, change the taste and shelf life. It also doesn't make you crave only fatty foods after consumption. What happens is the artificial products put into it probably spike your blood sugar (high glycemic index like in sugary sweets) then you crash and crave foods that give you that surge of energy. The fact that wheat alone was blamed for obesity was quite hysterical. There are so many other factors that go towards weight gain. I must say...this is why I am not much of a fan of Dr. Oz...I feel as if a lot of that information is misleading, and dramatic to try and shock viewers into watching...those are my own and if you enjoy watching it, great! Keep watching it, but stay educated and don't always believe everything you hear, see, read. Happy Monday everyone! Go get it!

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