Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Apps For Your Workout

Like I said, music motivates me in my workouts. Sometimes it's hard to workout to my own music playlists on my phone when I am doing HIITs or a higher paced workout. My FAVORITE music app to fix that problem is Tempo Magic. It's like $3 on itunes and it is friggen awesome! It lets you mess with your songs BPM without screwing up the pitch (making it chipmunk or zombie sounding depending on how much you speed it up or slow it down). It helps make those faster paced workouts easier to keep up with when you can change the tempo of the music but it still sounds normal.

My next three are great for when you get tired of your own playlists. They are essentially radios, but you have control of the genre and type of music. First is the very well known radio app, Pandora. I like these because they have introduced fitness playlists for those of us looking for a good tune to sweat to. They have powerlifting playlist, 80's cardio, pop fitness playlists, dance club cardio, etc.

The next one is called Songza. This one is cool because you can choose a variety of genres as well as what type of mood you're in. So if you are in more of an angry mode they've got the heavy and hard rock music, or happy poppy songs, etc. I think this is something that can give you variety, the only thing I don't like is that the BPM for most of the songs is lower than I need and it does like to repeat some songs a bit too much, but still a great option.

MY MOST FAVORITE workout music app that offers a lot of variety, mixes, higher BPM music that gets you pumped and for those of us who get bored quickly has a huge variety of songs is Fit Radio. You can go by genre, DJ and save your favorite mixes or DJs to your favories so you can listen to them whenever you want. My go to is the Top 40's genre. There are a lot of great songs in that category with tons of different mixes and DJ's to give it a twist. Best part??? It's free!!! AND NO verbal ads!!! there may be some graphic advertisements here and there, but its nothing that will taint your workout or get in the way. They are usually very small and few and far in between and you can never run out of skips!!!! YAHOO!!!

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