Friday, May 24, 2013

Spot Reduction

 I'd like to talk to you all on another myth on fitness. It could potentially save you money from those silly infomercials you see late at night about certain exercise equipment or gadgets or pill or whatever you are conned into buying. Spot reduction is not true and it simply cannot happen. Spot reduction is basically focusing on one of your problem areas on your body and constantly exercising that part to try and "fix" it. For example: you see all those ab devices on late night TV, whether it be a twisting chair, a belt, a cream, a crunch device or something that they say will target your abs and give you a toned and flat stomach. All though the device MAY indeed work out a specific muscle or part of your body, it cannot simply make it more flat and lean all by itself. Whether you are doing an ab workout, arm, or legs you can make those muslces stronger for certain, but your body doesn't say "oh, well she's doing bench presses lets burn off all the flab just on her arms". Where you lose weight cannot be targeted. When you are working out you are strengthening and conditioning your body and in your weight loss regiment your body burns fat all over. So while you are making yourself stronger and more durable in exercise, you lose fat all over. I want to share this because I see people get frustrated because they are doing a million squats but don't see their booties looking like the Victoria Secret models' and they begin to get discouraged. DONT. You WILL lose the weight, just be pateint be mindful in your new healthy eating habits and let your body banish the weight you are working so hard to lose or make stronger.


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