Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Guys! Sorry about not posting the update to the airbrush set. My internet was down all day yesterday. I promise I will take some before and after photos and what I think about the airbrush set asap!!! So far, I am LOVING it! But I had a lot of technical problems on Sunday with my internet.

A snippet for Motivational Monday, my workout song of the day is Seven Nation Army by White Stripes  ( It's a bit of a throw back song isn't it? I love it though, it got me super pumped this morning at 5:20 AM to get my butt GOING! On Sunday I took some time to do a nice long stretch session (about 40 min) and boy did my body NEED it. I was actually able to go all out in my workout this morning. All my ligaments felt more fluid and they felt stronger and I could move more easily without feeling so tense or tight.

A good tip for the start of your week! Prepare your meals on the weekends (or when you have time) so that you have planned ahead for yourself at work and aren't reaching for processed vending machine foods or a burger run at your local fast food joint. Once you have your meals planned and ready to take with, you can have more control over what you eat and how much you eat. Not to mention much healther than fast food or soda pop and candy bars. Make a large sum of a certain food that you enjoy and is good for you nutritionally and break it up into servings for everyday of your work week. It helps you gain more control over what you are consuming! HAPPY MONDAY!!!!

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