Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strength is the Result of Struggle

Can I get an AMEN? Today was a lift day for me, after work I WILL fit in my cardio. I am such a slow mover in the morning so on my lift + cardio days I have to break up my workouts. Boy, it may have only been 30 of weight training, but if it's done right. OUCH! It hurts so good! My legs are all noodley. Anyways, I just thought that this post should be kind of a pick me up. I know it's almost the weekend and you are MORE than ready to be over with this week. We all have struggles and times where we may fail or fall off the wagon, but you only get strong if you get back up and keep trying. Don't quit. You are too important to just say, "Tomorrow I'll start taking care of myself". It is never too late, too early, too cold, too hot to start a journey to be your best. I am NOT just talking about fitness and nutrition. I really want to emphasize that you need to start doing what is going to challenge you and improve your strength and character. Do something different and exciting aka SCARY. Push yourself to your max! You are stronger and more durable and able than you give yourself credit for. You've got time to sit down and read this, you've got the time to go out there and get what you want out of life. NOW GO. TODAY.

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