Wed. Jan 16, 2013

Disclaimer: Before starting ANY sort of exercise regiment, make sure you talk to your physician about your limitations or health conditions to make sure you are capable of performing the exercises without any health complications.

Today's workout: 45 minute interval on the elliptical. For me, it seems as if I burn the most calories in a shorter amount of time on the elliptical. To keep not only my attention but my body interested and from plateauing, I added some intervals into my workout. I did about 3 1:10 minute "drills" while running on the elliptical. I didn't track my caloric burn today on my fitbit (sorry!). P.S. if you want to know more about my fitbit visit my Fit Tips page ;) But the intervals rev up the metabolism more quickly than long dreary cardio. Getting yourself into the anaerobic stage helps you burn more calories throughout the day. It gives you quicker results and you don't have to workout for forever. Hey if you have only 20 minutes to spare do HIITs (High Intensity Intervals) which is where you go as hard as you possibly can for about 30 sec- 1min and then rest for about the same amoutn of time you were killing it. Even while you are resting after your HIIT, you are burning the same amount of calories as you were when you were tearing it up. I'll have a little more information about HIIT workouts later on.

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