Friday, May 3, 2013

Shakeology Giveaway..And blog swap with Nightchayde

Hey guys! As a part of this special giveaway, I'd like to introduce my oh so talented, beautiful, creative, fashionista sister Cayli. She's been featured in Rue21's Pinterest board for "Bloggers We Love", she's been sponsored by several official Etsy jewlers and boutique owners, and even featured on Tripanista's spring edition of What to wear in Utah. Go check out her site @ She has all sorts of great fashion and make up tips! Lots of coupon codes and giveaways as well! Remember! The raffle for the shakeology samples are below this post! Leggings can scare the crap out of you! I know some girls will not be caught dead in a pair and that is totally fine. Some people can pull it off and some people cannot. Some people can wear them and some people should not. There are ways of wearing them and ways of improper use of leggings...go to Walmart you will see plenty examples of that. Omg.

Wear it with a pair of boots and a blouse. Super easy, comfy, and I think it is freaking cute!

For a little more edge add a faux leather riding jacket and motor boots

Or pair it with combat boots.

Pair it with a sweater belt and boots for warmth in the winter. I love this outfit

Leggings look awesome with Chambray and boots!

Layering! You can layer a tunic, tank and blazer. One of my favorites!

A boyfriend blouse and a pair of boots for a day wear you have to run errands and have no time to really put effort into the outfit. 

You can work out in leggings. Add a hoodie and a tunic...throw on those nike's and work out!

Dress up with heels and a peplum and blazer and you can rock the town. 

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