Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So what if you indulged yourself yesterday! Look, we are all human and we do deserve a treat now and then and I think completely depriving yourself of something makes you want it more and may cause to overindulge if you ever get your hands on it. Don't ever think that once you have a hitch here and there that you should just give up or that it's "too hard".  Yeah? Your point? Anything that requires hard work or pushes you to your greatest potential is bettering you and your character. It WILL get tough, but you are tougher and you will push through it. Happy Tuesday! You only have four days of work/school this week!


  1. New Follower, discovered you thru your sisters blog :)

  2. Welcome Jules! I apologize for my delayed response! I am SUPER excited to have you as a follower! What an amazing opportunity to have you as a follower! Have you had a passion for fitness as well?


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