Thursday, May 23, 2013


WOW guys! I woke up this morning and have more followers than I did from monday, or just yesterday! That is amazing and I am so grateful to you for taking the time out of your day to just stop by and read some crazy girl's rant on fitness and health ;) I am very grateful and can't find words to express my thanks to you....maybe we should do another giveaway some time soon? I have something in the works and will keep you updated!


Anywho, I would like to touch base on something I struggle with EVERY day! Just like the weight training rumor that women will bulk up like a guy if they lift HEAVY (FALSE). We have always seen in media, magazines, TV, all that jazz that if you weigh less you look skinnier and clothes look better on you. We seem to focus WAY too much on the scale number rather than the actual over all health and our actual fitness. Weighing a certain weight doesn't make you more fit or skinnier or more desirable. I am so GUILTY of believing if I weigh a certain number it means that I am successful or better not only in my society's eyes (which should NEVER gage you, be you, be your best for YOU and no one else) and my eyes as well. I have and still do beat myself up for not weighing a certain number. Yeah, I don't weigh the same as I did in high school, but I did straight cardio and had a lot of loose and flabby skin. I NEVER did weights because sadly I fell for the bulk rumor. But now I actually have muscle and I have tightened some of my body that I didn't think ever would (hello legs!) This picture I have posted below will do most of the talking. I was blown away when I looked at it, and I just had to share this because it is something I do and still struggle with.


  1. yup, wow really?? Same guilt here! I know that muscle weighs more than ultimately you should wa more after working out with weights all the time...still...that stupid number!

  2. Right Jezz? It gets frustrating but, we get so brainwashed into thinking a certain number means all defying success and beauty when it really is just a number.

  3. I agree numbers are everything...but we got to remember some of us have denser bone, thicker bone, different bone structures. So even if you are a size 11 you could like fit and skinny. Its body types but still every girl wants to be a size two and look like the wind could blow us away... oh being a girl is so much fun


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