Friday, May 17, 2013


So, I know that I go on and on about how important your workouts are and that you should be constantly striving to improve your overall health and all that, but a lot of people (including myself) forget a very crucial part into becoming a more fit and healthy individual. Rest. Yes, you read it right, rest. It is very important that from time to time (listen to your body) that you need to take a break from the hard work and labor your body is put under. There will be a point if your a fitness junkie like myself or a time when you're training or have had a jam packed week and you've managed to fit in your workouts that you take time to let your body repair so that you can become stronger and put forth even MORE effort into your workouts. In your fitness journey, when you are constantly pushing yourself and lifting weights and maxing out in your HIIT trainings and building endurance in your longer endurance workouts you do take a toll on your body. Like today I am FEELING my weight training session from yesterday. My legs and shoulders are SORE. That is because I lifted to my max and created little micro tears in my muscles (which can be done in your cardio as well, that's for sure!) and is now attempting to repair those muscles with stronger, leaner muscles and condition my cardiovascular system to be more durable and effective in all its tasks. Now rest doesn't necessarily mean lay around and sleep all day. Set a day for yourself to do a more moderate or "easy" workout. Go for a short walk or short session of whatever you enjoy. Take a leaisurely swim in the pool, or take a day to stretch. I think stretching or doing something that focuses on your flexibility on your rest day is very beneficial. I am HORRID at stretching. I NEED to do it, but I am always so concentrated on getting my cardio and weights in, I tend to skim over it. It is a very important and overlooked portion of becoming more fit and healthy. Fact: the more flexibility you obtain or become, the greater strength potential you have for your muscles. Not to mention it is a very relaxing and much needed treat for your body to work out its knots, pains, and aches it gets from training. Don't feel guilty though if you do want to just take a day. Just give your body the time to repair and recover from your hard work. It WILL pay off ;)

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  1. Rest my favorite workout!


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