Monday, July 29, 2013

Something New

Has anyone ever heard of these contraptions??? They are called Kangoos, they are "shoes" you can run in (I've seen youtube videos of actual cardio classes that use these too) but they are suppose to add resistance to your running, even though there is an extra spring in your step. I hear it's quite the workout, and I really do actually want to try these guys...but I must say I am a little shy to go out in these guys in public lol. I also want to know if they are worth the investment...they are kind of a pretty penny but I am definately all for trying something new. I wish I was a bit more of a free spirit and didn't care...but I could see myself thinking "wtf" if someone ran by me with these babies on lol. Anyone ever tried them? I would like to hear your input if you have or even your thougths on them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sweet Tooth Killer #4

I don't know about you, but I usually get a sweet tooth when I am dehyrdated...weird... does anyone else get this way? Or do you feel like you are "hungry" but you just ate? I also feel that is when I need to hydrate....sometimes our bodies can get mixed signals with what the brain is telling it. For me, when I am super thirsty I usually feel the need to eat something sweet. But how about we kill two birds with one stone. Now I won't lie, this next product I am going to recommend isn't necessarily a "clean" option, it has some artificial sweeteners (the dasani brand has NO aspartame! SCORE!) but I feel like you have to choose your battles, and I don't see a lot of harm done by using these products, especially if it gets you to drink more water. I LOVE zero calorie water enhancers. They come in all different flavors and brands! Mio was pretty much the founder of this product and then crystal light, dasani, kool aide, powerade, etc. picked up on it. I like to squirt these in my water to give me a little pick me up or when I just don't feel like drinking water...and with the HIGH heat temps lately and insanity sessions....I NEED all the H2O I can get! These help water drinking more fluid (no pun). I just feel its easier sometimes, and other times I truly just want plain water. You get a bit of sweetness AND your water intake at the same time! YAY!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Tooth Killer #3

Let's do it the old fashioned way. Want sweets? Have 'em! Well...the RIGHT sweets. FRUIT. How hard is that? If you feel the need for a sweet tooth, indulge it in the cleaner, more healthier way. Take your pick! There are many varieties to choose from and they definately can satisfy the cravings. A good kick in the face would be to have a serving of fruit and 8-16oz of water as a snack. You will fill more satisfied and  feel more clean, energized, healthy, light and won't over do it. Since fruit has natural sugars, the body can break them down more easily and digest them as well as not suffer a high and crash effect of processed sugars which pound on your digestive system, give you energy and kill it as well as making you reach for more. You don't want to be controlled by it do you? Take your power back and indulge in the better for you way.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cinnfully Clean Give Away!!! (Did someone say, cinnamon rolls????)

Hey guys! Are your stomachs ready for an awesome link up? Not only will they be delicious but guilt free. Clean eating doesn't have to be a hassle or expensive. Watch your sales, coupons, and price matching. You can do this. There are healthy alternatives to curb any cravings.

Rules for the Link up:

1. Follow the Host and Co-Hosts

2. Grab their Button and follow along and have fun

3. Link up your healthy recipes

Alright you can stop the eyerolling at the terribly awful pun of a title I gave this post. You can have your cinnamon roll and eat it too, WITHOUT the guilt ;) I think this is one of my FAVORTIE recipes to try with my Shakeology. I have shakeology for breakfast EVERY day, sometimes I use it for lunch too. Look, I don't get paid to freely post on my blog to say how much I love shakeology. I do it because I believe in it and how much healthier I feel when I have it in my pantry. It has made my brittle nails a lot stronger, my energy level a lot higher AND has curved my sweet tooth on NUMEROUS occasions. There are so many ways to make it, and it doesn't even have to be a shake! You can make it into ice cream, I used it as a spread sometimes, cookies, protien bars, and the list goes on! Not only is this stuff legit, but it is DELICIOUS! And YOU will be able to try out the cinnamon roll recipe for shakeology if you enter in the giveaway listed up top! I used to have my resignations about it, but it definately changed once I started using it. I only spend $4 a meal when I use shakeology. You can't get a hamburger for that cheap (or healthfully satisfying either). 


 1 tsp. cinnamon 

 1 tsp. vanilla extract 

 1 c. of unsweetend vanilla almond milk (skim, or soy works too) 

 If you want to get a little nuts I like to add 1/2 c. of frozen black cherrys to give it a POW (Cherry Cinnamon Roll??? Yes please!) 

Guys if you want to get the breakdown of Shakeo, just go click on my Shakeology button next to my twitter, pinterest and FB buttons. Just learning about it is pretty awesome and all of the science put into it!

Theme of the week....Sweet Tooth?

Who's got a sweet tooth??? Actually....the REAL question is who DOESN'T have a sweet tooth? Or night time cravings??? Those are the worst for me! There are some solutions to this issue to save you from cancelling out the progress you have made so far. My first suggestion is gum. Yes, I said it gum. I get sugar free because it is better for your teeth. You can do mint or if you just want to satisfy it...I am LOVING Extra's Dessert Delight line. I've tried them all and I am super impressed with the flavors! They are all very close to the flavor of the dessert. My favorite is the chocolate chip mint ice cream flavor! DELISH!!! I am not a fan of the sherbet ice cream flavor though, It tastse weird to me...kind of like soap. However, the rest are great!!! They help me really curve the cravings I get or help me stay out of the kitchen at night as much as I can help it. This will be the theme this week is killing your sweet tooth cravings! Stay tunned for more tips and a special giveaway coming're going to love it ;)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Feelin' It FRIDAY

YAHOO!!!! WE MADE IT!!!!! Make sure you get it in today! I am loving this very much needed rainy weather. It's a nice break from the triple digits! ANYWHO! For my FEELIN IT FRIDAY I thought I'd drop a new song that has been getting me PUMPED for and during my workouts! With insanity I NEED ALL the PUMPING tunes I can get! They push me so much harder than just doing it to the weird background music. Now I am not a huge fan of Cher....but this song has got me HOOKED! ENJOY! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How You See Yourself

As you strive to become healthier what matters the most is how you see yourself, not how magazines or media tell you how to look. You are your best self! You don't need to compare yourself to airbrushed and photoshopped models or celebrities. I know it's difficult to start a new healthy routine in your life but it is worth it! And don't get discouraged when you first start and you feel as if you aren't seeing results. But you ARE making progress, your changing the way your body feels and your mind at first then you increase your energy and ability to do things you thought you couldn't do! Take measurements and track your progress because (maybe it's just me) I never felt like I was losing weight when I first started my health regiment. Especially if you're losing 1-2lbs a week, its not like after a week or two or three you see a ton of progress. It still sort of looks the same but it is happening!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bio Oil Update

Ok guys, quick update...yes I have only used the bio oil for two days and it actually works quite well!!! My scars haven't disappeared but I am definately niticing them becoming less apparent. I love this stuff! And a little goes a long way! It hydrates and smoothes the skin and it makes it look plump and moisturized. I really like this stuff. Not immediate results but I can see some slight differences in my faces with some acne scarring.

I do want to apologize for my spotty posting. With holidays and a really weird work schedule, I have been finding it a bit more of a challenge to find time to post. But I will make sure to post! I love you guys and I want to thank everyone of you for following me continuously. It means the world to me! I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! We are almost there! Stay strong, stay happy, stay healthy, stay YOU.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Bio Oil

Hey guys! I hope you had a FABULOUS holiday weekend! I am truly proud to live in such a great country! I thought I'd start this week out with some skin care advice my sister (Nightchayde @ check her out! she's a fabulous fashion blogger btw). So I have TERRIBLE skin. Seriously....I have sensitive skin, then I have eczema AND breakouts... Luckily I have been able to harness the eczema and I don't get it on my face for the most it definately has  left scarring and redness. She recently told me about this product called Bio Oil. She gets really bad rashes or eczema on her hands and it has left a lot of scarring. Since she has tried this bio oil, it really lessened the appearance of her scars. I am starting to try this on my face and I will let you know if I have some positive or negative feedback on the matter. After seeing my sister's results I just wanted to share it with you all if you were looking for a way to reduce scars or trying to find something that really nourishes your skin. I will keep you upedated if it works for me!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't Lose Yourself...

You have been working so hard! With the long weekend ahead and parties full of delicious food and drink, don't just break down and fall off the wagon. Stay strong! There is nothing wrong with a splurge, but don't get caught up in all the foods. You have worked WAY too hard to just throw caution to the wind and set you back. When you eat your favortie dishes, keep in mind your portion sizes and fill up on more of the healthy stuff first. Make your first round at the table with vegetables and fruits or salads. Then if you have a little room grab spoonful of your favorite dish. That way you don't over do it since you are already almost full. Enjoy your independance day tomorrow everyone!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Movin' Monday!!!!

GET UP GET UP GET UP!!!!!! It's a beautiful Monday morning (hot one too) Get MOVING!!!! It's a new week!!! Set some new goals! Go heavier in your weight lifting regiment, run faster, add HIITs to your workout, drink more water, eat MORE veggies and fruit and healthy proteins & grains, smile more, help a coworker out that is slammed in work, open the door for someone who's hands are full, say hi to someone new today, try a new workout, stretch a little deeper, go five more minutes in your workout...BOTTOM LINE...PUSH YOU TO YOUR BEST SELF.