Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finding What Fits YOU

Look, starting something like a new healthy lifestyle is...scary. It's completely changing your focus and perception on how you live. What foods should you be eating? How long should I exercise? How many times a week should I exercise? Does it matter what time of day I eat? What is better? Low carbs, low sugar, or low fat? How do I know what is healthy and what isn't? Is "diet food" always tasteless and bland? Should I lift weights or focus on cardio????? WHOA! Slow down and just take a deep breath for me. This is a process, a new one at that. You aren't suppose to be 100% spot on when you are just starting out. Take baby steps. Like I said before, when I was in jr. high I didn't even aknowledge being healthy. I ate junk all the time and was hardly active. But when my health declined to a point where I needed to change, I started rethinking my decisions throughout the day. I first started focusing on my nutrition. That was it! I looked at what I was eating and asked myself, "What is a better alternative?" It was the smallest step but it wasn't so much as eat less of everything. I focused on what I needed MORE of. I never really ate vegetables. Never found them important or delectable. But I focused on eating MORE nutritious options rather than reaching for a bag of chips or pulling out the ice cream. I know I'm not fooling anyone, I think we can all agree a hot fudge sunday is much more desirable than a bag of carrots or broccoli. But you CAN make it more delicious by adapting it into YOUR lifestyle.

I was a HUGE (ha literally) chip eater. I loved to come home and polish off a bag of corn chips smothered in salsa or melt cheese and make nachos. I always was a snacker. I constantly was reaching in the fridge or pantry for a handful of sweets or crunchy salty snacks. When I realized my decisions were taking a toll on my health, I decided instead of whining and crying about not eating my favorite treats, I had to make the most out of what I needed more of. It may sound silly, but now I get a bag of the vegetables that I really do like and dip them into salsa or a light vinegrette. I also think that cooking with with herbs gives them a tasteful punch without smothering butter and salt to give it some flavoring. I replaced my chips with something more nutritious and something I needed MORE of.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Doesn't the title say it all???? With my new job and everything I do have to get up early to get my workout in because honestly, I know that if I leave it till after work I will either try and skip out on it or wait until the last absolute hour at night to do it and then I'll wake up groggy and running on no sleep the next day. I have to do it in the morning first thing or I just won't do it at all. And can I tell you how much I HATE 4 AM???? EW. I literally had to drag my sorry...butt out of bed and throw on the Nikes. With how colds its been here I would rather sleep in my nice warm bed until I have to get up to get ready for work.....But then I'll have to pep talk myself for hours that I need to get my workout done after work and probably won't do it until 10 PM at night.....I'm such a procrastinator it's ridiculous. There are many days where we all would prefer the snooze button and just convince ourselves that we will just get it done later or after work/school, etc. Hey, if you are accountable enough to do it later, go for it. You know the question I get all the time from those around me? "When is the best time of day to work out?" Well people I will tell you exactly when that is and it's whenever you can MAKE the time for it. Night, noon, or morning will all work as long as you get it done. Notice how I emphasized the whole MAKE time for working out. We all have busy lives and need to get this done, have to be here at this time and make a thousand cookies for the bake off and feed a family of 12 and what not. No one has time on their hands they can just give away, you have to MAKE the time for these things just like you MAKE the time for family, parties, school activities, sports, or your favorite TV show. We all MAKE the time to do or schedule something because we find it important enough to fit in our schedule. You want to become serious about a healthier lifestyle? Then MAKE the time for it. MAKE time for exercise and making foods that are more nutritious and wholesome for you. And if you're starting out or just aren't a fan of exercising yet (because you will be after you start! Trust me it's addicting!) do something you LOVE. Dance to your favorite tunes for a half hour, go walking, jump on the tramp with your kids, go swimming or skiing, play sports, just move for a 20-30 minutes if you're new to this. Don't overkill this process, you'll get frustrated and fall back. Enjoy this journey, its worth the time you MAKE for it.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stationary = Insanity

Generally, I am a pretty active person. Ever since I understood the importance of being active, I've done a pretty good job in staying mobile. All throughout school its easy to keep moving. In college, I took public transportation and the campus was huge anyways so I was sprinting to different buildings after each class and then working in cleaning or retail, I was always on my feet and running around, lifting heavy objects, etc. However, recently I have just been moved to a new job. It's the typical 8-5 five days a week office job...and its driving me CRAZY. I am sitting for most of it and I feel like I am going to hyperventilate or have a panic attack. The office is pretty small so there isn't much room for getting up and walking around before I've hit a dead end and have to come back. The parking lot is small too, so it's not like you can get a good walk from there to the office. So, I come to YOU for advice...Anyone have any good ideas on how to keep moving or fit in some activity at a desk job??? I am going bonkers!!!! I am pretty sure everyone is annoyed with me already. I've walked into their office spaces like thirty times each. Anywho, I will start posting some motivational pick me ups to get you inspired for the day or hopefully push you to push yourself as well as a snack/meal/recipes to help give you some ideas for some healthier foods. I will share any helpful hints or tricks on better living as well as awesome playlists or music that inspire me to get up and move. I don't know about you guys but music is EVERYTHING to me when it comes to working out. It really sets the tone for how hard I'll be going or how "into it" I'll be. OH and of course I'll be posting workout ideas, thanks for reminding me ;) If you have any questions or requests on my posts feel free to ask!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

new chapter

It seems like forever ago when I created my blog spot...however I have never actually posted anything until now, obviously. I may be sending words into outer space, but I just want to put something out there for everyone. I want to inspire those of you who may be struggling with any of your health and nutrition regiment or exercise plan. Hey, I am NOT a licensed nutritionist or fitness trainer or expert or whatever. I am simply here to cheer you on and share a few tips and tricks I've learned on my own health and fitness journey. I want to be the shoulder you cry on after you've pounded out a trough of Ben & Jerry's. I want to be your cheer leader when you turned down seconds or had just bread without the butter or have killed a tough workout. I am here to listen and share advice as well as rant about my own progress or obstacles. Your fitness journey is NEVER over. Look, there will always be room for improvement. When you've found the end and have found the perfect diet and exercise plan or "magic pill" to all the flaws in trying to be healthy, well you better email me right away and I'll shut my face. But for now this will have to do. So, as I said I am also on a fitness journey. I have been for about six-ish years. All throughout elementary school, and all of jr. high I was overweight, inactive, and lived on a steady diet of greasy fast food, refined carbs and sugar. I felt like crap and since I felt icky on the inside that is how I projected myself. I was a "in the back corner" kind of gal. That all changed when I had health problems that I was too young to suffer from and I was unhappy and miserable about my appearance. Finally, after seeing a very encouraging and caring doctor I decided it was time to do something about it, so I did. After dropping the crap food, and slowly adding exercise to the routine 60 lbs. peeled off. What made it easier for me was just focusing on my health. I wasn't obsessed with a certain weight number, pant size, body type, etc. I just did it because it made me feel better, I felt more energized, and I became a better, healthier person. Period. I barely even noticed the weight coming off. I didn't realize I was shrinking until people were asking me if I had lost weight. I wasn't concentrating on being a certain size, just on being better at my diet and nutrition. Look, if you want it enough, you will go after it. I have heard and made up every excuse in the book. Trust me. You cannot just start off going on this huge crash diet and exercising until your eyes bleed. It won't work. You will get discouraged and break. I want you just just start with small decisions. Instead of having those buttery rolls AND chocolate cake for dessert, just choose one of them. Start drinking more water, start walking or just doing something light and active for 20 minutes at the bare minimum. Honestly, the first part of my journey I mainly focused on eating healthier, I didn't start exercising until later on. Let me let you in on a little secret people, weight loss and maintaing a healthy body is split between fitness and diet....however the numbers are shocking. Only 20-30% of it is exercise. Yup, that's right. I wish it was more honestly, but the bulk of it lies in your nutrition about 70-80% of it is your diet. So, obviously we need to break down what we put in our bodies and start cleaning the crap out of your pantry as well as your body. And I am NOT saying to go crazy and you can only eat carrots and water. You can eat delicious and wholesome food and have a clean diet. You just have to be smart about your choices. If you want a cookie, fine have a friggen cookie. But try to be smart, find one that has less sugar or less fat. Find healthy recipes for your favorite cookies. Instead of using white flour use whole wheat pastry flour, instead of sugar look for honey or stevia as a replacement. It's not rocket science people, you know what is and what isn't good for you. You just need to break the attachment with the bad foods and slowly clear out the garbage.