Friday, January 24, 2014

Want to speed up your metabolism?

Who doesn't want to speed up the metab??? Working your lower body can aid in this request! Why? Because all your larger muscles are in the lower body, and when you work those larger muscles, they are broken down and repair to become stronger muscles. Stronger muscles need the extra nutritional support and require more energy for everytime they are broken down and need repair. Now don't run out eat an entire pizza after your leg day, you have to support your body and fitness journey with nutritionally rich foods, but depending on your muscle content, you could be able to eat even more! 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Short on time?

Everyone wants to get their work out in and done. Everyone has a million other things to do and  we are all short on time. If you are short on time but want to get an effective workout in, then you have come to the right place. I like to lift at least 3x's a week, but when I do I don't want to be doing it for an hour working a single body part at a time. No one has time for that anymore. So if I am going to be working out, it better be short, sweet and effective. I thought I would share with you one of the circuits I made up for fun (yes, for fun) that works upper body and lower body at the same time. Some of these require balance so you also engage your core. 3 for the price of one! You want to perform each of these exercises with precision, so don't swing your weights around like a baboon, go slow in each rep to really engage all the muscle fibers you are working out. Slowly count to 8 as you perform the function of each exercise. Because if you are going slower, you engage more muscle fibers making it more effective. I feel that if I go heavier in my weights, fewer reps, with precisions and going at a slower pace, I see quicker results rather than swigning my weights around, going quickly. That can build muscle endurance, but it doesn't build strength as quickly as going slow, and heavy. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Quick Guide to Portion Control

Found this handy dandy tool on Pinterest (find everything on there!) as a quck guide to portion control. That can make a HUGE difference in your diet. Every aspect in you diet has a suggested serving size, but it is so hard to judge and sometimes you just don't have the time to measure out every single item. Here is a rule of thumb (no pun intended!) for portion control if you ever need a quick reference!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Late Night Snacking

Ok, we all know that I am the snack monster when it comes to the end of the night. I am really working hard this year to stop eating past a certain time. This because usually by the end of the day, you should be at your target for calories, plus you don't want your body trying to digest food while your sleeping. Why? Because if your body is spending the time to digest your food, rather than recovering your body/muscles from that day, your body will progress a bit slower. When it doesn't have time to repair the muscles you fatigued that day, they can't repair and become stronger as quickly, plus I feel a bit more tired when I wake up like I didn't get a good night's sleep the closer I eat to bedtime. However, should you be just like myself and find yourself in the pantry at night, go for foods that are higher in protein. Protein helps with muscle recovery anyways, so once those nutrients are in the body, you can put them to work!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It IS Important!

The other night, me and my finace were working out together and after being winded and tire, there was an extra session of cooling down or stretching. At the corner of my eye, I saw my finace pulling up a pillow to crash on the floor. I then told him to get up and come stretch with me and I got the "I don't want to, stretching doesn't do anything anyways." I hear this a lot from people and it is completely FALSE. Stretching has so many amazing benefits for you! Especially after a workout and your muscles are all warm and have blood flowing through them. Stretching helps regulate your heart rate as well as increases your flexibility. Well I know you are thinking, "So what if I am flexible? I want to be fit! Being flexible doesn't make me fit." Well if you thought that, you'd be wrong again. The more flexible your body is, the less aches and pains you will have in your body and joint discomfort. Also, a flexible muscle has more strength potential. As you become more flexible, you can build muscle more efficiently and when you can do that, you become stronger. Your cardio becomes a little easier, every day life is easier as you move through it without complications or having to stop. It is a crucial part fitness that improves your ability to progress in all of your other endeavours. So.....bottom line? Stretch!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


To get results or to see change, you can just wish for it or hope that something comes your way. You don't get muscle from watching someone lift weights, and you don't lose the weight by just wanting to lose weight. You really have to find something that you are willing to commit to and do it! Find a workout out or activity that you enjoy and use that to you advantage. If you like playing sports, use that to your advantage by playing longer, harder, trying new tricks or modifying them in a way that works for you and works your body. Go heavier in your weights if  it feels like a breeze when you do a bicep curl or squats. If your already on a fitness journey but you are at a standstill, up the intensity and/ or switch up your routine! You have to push yourself to advance and move on to the next level, to become stronger and over coming your obstacles or whatever is holding you back.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One step at a time

We all have things that we need/want to work on. It's only when we want it bad enough where we actually try to accomplish those aspirattions. But sometimes, when we don't see results like yesterday we get discouraged and give up. DON'T!!! Anything that is worth it, takes time. Whatever your goals may be or your new year's resolutions may be, don't give up! When you make those small changes and baby steps that promote or support your change, it may be gradual and slow but it builds the foundation for success. Going cold turkey, doing too much too fast, unrealistic expectations, etc. can set you up to for disappointment. Once you feel like you have sacraficed or given up all of the things you used to use as crutches in your old lifestyle (whether that was food, tv, sleep, smoking, etc.) and you are going through withdrawals and not seeing fast result, it will leave you feeling discouraged and disappointed. No matter what your goals are this year, stick to them. Provide the tools and create the steps that will support you in your journey long term. Take each day by day, don't get down on yourself when you mess up! Just keep going! Everyone messes up, but the only way to get to your goals is to keep trying.