Monday, May 27, 2013


Today is a very bitter sweet day. We remember all those men and woman who have served and sacraficed everything for out country and for us to continue to be free. There aren't enough words to express how grateful I am to be in this country and my gratitude to those who have given their lives so that I could sit here and write about it at my own free will. Saturday, we went to put flowers on my Grandpa's grave. He was in the Air Force and served in WWII. Sadly, I haven't been to visit his grave site for quite some time. It was good to go up there and put flowers near his plaque and just take a moment to think of him and miss him and take a moment to apprciate all that we have because of the sacrafices the brave men and women make for us. I love my Grandpa and still miss him dearly. It's been 17 years since his passing, and I can still remember what an incredible man he was. When I was a youngen, I was obssessed with Disney's The Lion King. I always would run around the house on my hands and knees pretending I was a cheetah (they were my favortie animal and I loved seeing the very small spots they were in the movie). But I remember my Grandpa getting on his hands and knees and playing a long with me. Please take a moment today to remember the sacrafices the brave men and women have made for us as well as your lost loved ones.

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