Tuesday, May 7, 2013


How many of you hate your workout pants because they are either SEE THROUGH, they ride up or fall down, or they are unflattering? I have had all of the above and more problems with workout bottoms. Drives me nuts that every two seconds I have to pull my pants up, wear layers to keep everyone from seeing...well...everything, or adjust them from riding up. Very annoying and frustrating, especially when you are just trying to friggen get your workout in and every two seconds you had to readjust.
     Recently I went to Nike because I had a coupon and on a whim just purchased the Nike Legend Slim Fit Training Capris (or crops). I AM IN LOVE. First off, they AREN'T see through. I don't have to wear three layers or put a pair of biker shorts underneath them to keep things covered. Secondly, they don't move. They don't ride up or fall down, they stay in place. Trust me, I did a HIIT workout this morning where I was running full speed on my elliptical and alternating with jumping and squats and they did not once move. It was fantastic! Sorry, I am a nerd but nothing excites me more than workout clothes that don't irritate. Lastly, they are flattering. The wide band at the top doesn't make the dreaded muffin top look and the material makes your lower half look toned and holds together very nicely to slim everything out. Yes, they are comfortable and breathable as well and just over all amazing for any workout. They also have them in pants, but I prefer crops. It is just my style and I like having more coverage than shorts, but something that lets covering than pants because I am a sweaty exerciser. That is just in my genetics. LOVE LOVE LOVE these workout crops!

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