Monday, September 30, 2013

One hour a week

I want to challenge you. For just one measley hour a week, I want you to find something you enjoy that is a phsyscial activity. Sports, running, jump roping, climbing, yoga, walking, etc. Then for at least five days, schedule a 20 minutes of that day for whichever activity you choose. Write it down, write what you are doing, what time you will start it, and for how long (20 min) and schedule it for five days at least. Now that you have taken the time to MAKE time in your day for just 20 minutes of activity, you don't have an exuse for not having anytime for just a small 20 minutes of your day. As you continue to do this each week, you can add intensity and/or time to make the task more challenging and thus you burn more fat and calories. All it takes is good planning, determination, and baby steps to healthier choices. This really isn't as hard as it seem. I got this template from pinterest to use to schedule my week/month. Go ahead and use it as well to schedule your 20 minutes a day :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is Your Motivation?

I often get the question of "How do you get/stay motivated to workout and stay healthy?" For me honestly it is therapy. I feel like I am happier and I feel so empowered and so much better after a good sweaty workout. When I am having a hard time pushing through I think of all the people in school or in my life that have told me that I "can't/won't succeed." I think about all the people that called me horrible names in school because I was overweight and I think of how they treated me like I was nobody, nothing, a failure, a loser. I think of all the people that left me high and dry and only used me to their benefit. By that point I am mad as hell (being a red head) that isn't hard to do ;) JK! But in that moment I hear my oh so stubborn, rebellion voice peek through and say, "Yes I can, yes I will, I can do anything I set my mind to, keep moving, get tough, push harder, prove them wrong, you've got mountains to move and more determination than they will have in a minute, GO." That's what gets me pumped and gets me going in the morning (with a touch of music of course). But that's me, that's what gets my blood boiling. What is it for you?
I had some friends that did a money jar. They would add X amount of money to their jar for making a healthy choice or working out to save up something to buy for themselves. This could be a new dress, new shoes, taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant, or going to a movie with your friends/significant other, etc. Others need a simple visual (as seen below) to show them the progress they have made. When I first lost a lot of weight, I literally didn't see it, other people did. So when you are measuring and keeping track, it motivates you to go harder and push yourself when you see progress. Stay motivated my friends! I know it's Friday, so get your workout in and done so you can go play!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Is this your constant promise to yourself that you never fulfill? Well stop with the tomorrows, start today. Don't worry if it is not a Monday or if you are slammed. Just give yourself 20 minutes to start out. Trust me, nothing feels as invigorating and uplifting as a workout being crushed. And yes, those 20 minutes of your life count.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Break Your Plateau #3

This one applies to people who work out every day and have been doing so for quite some time. There are times where we are just wearing and tearing on your body and we haven't given it much time to recover and recoop and have that time to just change. For your body to show change, it has to recover and mend the small tears you create in your muscles when you have thoroughly worked them out. Your body may be just trying to get by everyday by recovring what it can and surviving your next workout if you aren't getting enough rest in between workouts. So yes, #3 is Rest. For some of you this may be very easy for you to do. You have been training so hard for so long with little rest in between or "days off" that your body is wearing and needs time to repair. For the workout junkies, this will be a hard thing to do. I find myself feeling a lot more happy, and clear minded, energized, accomplished when I do workout. Without it I feel lazy, sort of ornery, and tired if I don't. Taking breaks is hard for me and I am sure it is difficult for you all as well. But taking about 1-2 week break would be recommended to have your body recover after all your training and constant day in and day out of working so hard. Your body just may need time to repair.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Break Your Plateau #2

2.) Do the Math

You need to make sure you are keeping your nutrition in check. It is SO easy to not count the extra handfuls of food here and there. You could be over eating and negating your caloric burn and hard work. Now, I don't want that to come off as if you are eating more than you are burning there's no point in trying, or give someone an excuse to give up. The process will just be slowed or become stagnent if you are over eating what you are burning. The more fit you become, the harder you have to work at staying fit, it's just how it is. Someone who carries more weight is carrying that extra force in their workouts, making it much harder and makes it so they burn more calories in exercise versus a smaller individual due to the fact they aren't carrying all of that weight and their body isn't being challenged as much. You have to add intensity to your workouts and push yourself to burn more and keep in check with your input and output. You can do that by getting some kind of calorie counter. My recommendations are in my fit tips section of the blog.

This is sort of a more rare situation but, you also may not be eating enough to keep up with your workouts. You could be over burning what your intake. Everyone thinks that if you starve yourself you will lose weight and be skinny. Well, you may lose a few lbs, your body will feel as if it is starving and lock in defense mode. It is built to fight the elements and survive as long as possible. Once you are in starvation mode, your body will hold on to everything you do eat and store it as fat. Then your metabolism slows as well, and your metabolic rate burns less than it did before when you were eating. Fueling your body withthe right foods keeps your metabolic rate pumping. You may also be over exercising your intake, leaving your body exhausted, tired, weak, etc. It isn't getting the nutrition it needs when you are working out, it can't get that energy and keep the body strong and durable for your workout or to recover for that matter because it needs nutrients to recover the new muscles you build or strengthen.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Break Your Plateau #1

Are you still continuously working out and eating right, but aren't seeing further change? Welcome to the plateau club. Been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. It happens to all of us fitness junkies! It is a very frustrating and discouraging point in time where you are trying to shed those last few 5-15lbs and it just won't budge. You've tried eating less, extending your workouts, and nothing happens. There may be a few things going on that you may be over looking or aren't noticing. 

1.) You're body has become accustomed to your workout. 

Your body is smart, it grows and becomes stronger as we challenge it. But there begins to be a point after you've run the same route, lifted the same amount of weight, done the same workout body where your body begins to "yawn" at your workout. Your body has done this same thing a million times before, there is no challenge anymore. How many times would you want to take the same class, watch the same movie, listen to the same song until you want to roll your eyes and yawn. You already know it, and it has become a part of you but offers no new challenges or excitement. Your body needs to be challenged.


Try something new! Break out of your routine! Make your workouts shorter and more intense, do HIIT workouts, add resistance to your cardio, go heavier in your resistance training! You want your body to be challenged and shock it out of it's routine to see change! When I was just doing the same workout of running every day on my elliptical, which is still burning calories, but not showing change anymore I wanted to change it up. It got a little mundane and I wasn't seeing a whole lot of change. I started Insanity, and boy...was my body shocked. That is a workout that does NOT mess around! I also started shortening my time on the elliptical and doing HIITs on it for 20-30 min.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Want a Reason? Here's 20.

Saw this, and I had to share. You want a reason to workout? Here's twenty. Pick one....or more and get it done.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


SO GO DO WHAT YOU PROMISED YOURSELF YOU'D START DOING. I even provided the workout for you. NO MORE EXCUSES! Take back what's yours NOW.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ok...someone is following me around

 Seriously! I think someone has! These are all the areas I am very selfconcious about and probably 80% of the female population is (they left out the belly though). My goal this year is to work on these parts by making them stronger. I think I will definately try these workouts! Just remember my peeps and I konw I sound like a broke record but...there is no such thing as spot reduction. Fat doesn't disappear off your love handles after doing 500 bicycle crunches. It comes off gradually and all throughout your body. Just focus on this. Being HEALTHIER, becoming stronger than you were, becoming the person you truly are and being free from any restraints. Free from pain, aches, terrible immune systems, frequent fatigue, free from the obstacles that keep you from being you. It isn't about being skinny (don't roll your eyes) or being a barbie doll. It is about being YOU. Once you are free from those restraints, you can be YOU. Do what you've always wanted to! Traveling, playing with your kids withouth huffing or needing to sit down, going on long walks with your significant other (beach anyone?) or getting through work without aches or strains.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Yup, that's right. We live in a society where we expect immediate results. We forget sometimes that the things we want most or the things worth while take time. Be PATIENT. Take one day at a time. No one meal won't change your body, but it does set the tone for your next decision and the next direction you will take. Choosing nutritious food makes you feel more energized and makes you feel better about yourself, with an improved mood and more energy you can achieve more physically and mentally instead of beating yourself up and feeling bad about yourself. It is just like every day life decisions. Each one takes us to a different point of our journeys and lead us down a path of our destiney that we choose. Every turn we make, we pursue a different journey or desitnation. Just remember, the decisions you make and the work you put into it delivers the exact results of what you put itno it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

App of the Day!

So I love smart phones and all their fitness and health apps that are available to help me learn more and introduce me to new workouts, eating and food tips, and so on. Today's app of the day is called FIXFIT. It has all sorts of workouts and based on what your schedule looks like it has a search engine that filters by time form 20-45 min! There is a calander inside to schedule your workouts and help you meet your goals and workouts you can download for offline (yes, I sadi OFFLINE) viewing. It has different cardio or weight training sessions that target any areas you wish (legs, core, glutes, etc). I like this because they also have stretching exercises and I am HORRIBLE when it comes to flexibility training. I really need to make that a priority as much as my cardio and weight training. But go check this handy little app out! It is perfect if you are on the go and travel a lot, you can find some fun short workouts to keep you fit and in shape while on the road! Oh...btw...did I mention it's free???

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Metabolism 101

Saw this on pintrest and I thought I would share it with you! Interesting stuff!!! That will teach you to fast...and keep moving!