Friday, May 3, 2013

Burn more Calories...Just by Eating?????

Hey guys! I have a special treat for you! You can actually burn more calories just by eating! SAY WHAT???? It's true! Now before you go and dive into your pantry, it actually depends on the TYPE of food you are consuming. You can actually burn more calories from eating more protein. WHY??? Because protein requires a lot more in the breakdown and digestion process than most foods. Your stomach actually requires a lot more acid to break it down into amino acids. Now, depending on whether you are starving yourself (yes I am talking to YOU meal skippers) or if you've efficiently been feuling your body with clean foods, it will be stored as either fat (starving yourself to get thin) or as energy (aka glucose) for instant use. But it still require a lot more work from your body to break down and use than most foods, requiring your body to work harder and use more calories :). It also helps you create a more lean and tight body! When you do your weight training (I hop you are!) your muscles are broken down to create stronger ones. Once proteins are digested, the nutrients they carry are sent to different parts of the body and when they come across those muslces that have been worked out and have those small tears in them, they help repair and build lean and tight muscles for girls, or bigger stronger muscles for guys (because they have testosterone). When you do eat proteins, you really shouldn't eat more than 30g in a serving though. Your body cannot digest or break down that much protein. Honestly anything above 30g will just go to waste in your body and provide few benefits. So, I must say that one of my MOST FAVORITE and delicious protein sources is Shakeology. This shake kicks some serious trash in the nutritional and protein categories! It has clean and natural ingredients, not too shabby in the caloric area, has 18g of protein, comes in a variety of delicious flavors, has vegan friendaly options, and did I say it is DELICIOUS??? If you want more info come and stop by my page and click on the shake'o button or visit I want to share how cool (and yummy) shakeology really is with you. I am doing a giveaway on my blog for TWO samples of Chocolate Shakeology! I will be doing a raffle for those who participate! Just look for the rafflecopter generator on my page under the Night Chayde post! GOOD LUCK!

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