Sunday, June 30, 2013

Holiday Coming Up!!!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are staying cool and drinking LOTS of water....even I am making sure I drink my fill of water. That is when you KNOW it's hot! Anyway! This week is our beautiful country's 237th birthday I believe. I have to say that I am very proud and blessed to live in such a place. Holidays are ALWAYS accompanied by DELICIOUS FOOD!!!! So I would LOVE to see some of your holiday recipes! Or even a healthier addaption of a holiday recipe or just some healthy tips for us all in how to eat better during holidays If you want to share your favorite recipe or healthy adaption, I'd LOVE to see some pictures of your masterpieces. There may be a prize in it for you....Just sayin.... You can even challenge me to try and create a healther adaptation for a recipe you love. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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