Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Workout Buddy

We are competitive by nature and we like to stick to our promises or comitments. My boyfriend and I decided to start insanity together and we set goals for ourselves. We have done most of the workouts together. Yes, I said MOST. There have been some days where we just can't configure the time to do it together and will have to do it by ourselves at the time that we set a side. After sweating an ocean doing  Pure Cardio, we began talking. We BOTH admitted to "dogging" it or not being faithful to the regiment when we don't work out. Tonight, we were both pushing each other, we challenged each other. When one of us was getting tired or worn out, we both made sure that those breaks were short. We encouraged each other and tried to motivate each other just by a few simple words, our competitive personalities, and our comitment to get through this journey together. I feel more dedicated, more persistant in my workouts and more faithful to them when we do them together. I think its because I am not sweating and swearing and dying (lol) for just myself, but  I am there to support and motivate and show that I am comitted and that I want to keep up my end of the deal for someone I care for. We both really kept each other from quitting. With a workout buddy, I feel like we become more dedicated in our workouts. We made a promie with someone and you both are relying on each other. You have someone to hold accountable. If you are having a hard time working out and keeping the the faith to it, get a workout buddy! Take your grandma, your significant other, your best friend, sister, brother, mom, dad, cousin, etc. and become accountable to not only yourself but to your workout buddy.


  1. You know, my husband always complains, I never work out with him together..but because I just like to do my own thing, I can´t tolaterate distractions..talking and stuff just keeps me from actually working out...


  2. I could see that point Jezz. I sort of thought the same way...until I actually tried it. I notice I like to compete with my partner and push myself more. I also like to do it just to be able to spend time with the other or just be a supporter for them. But I can see how being on your own schedule can be very nice. Everyone needs some alone time!


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