Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Habit #2

So my first habit was lack of water, my second is late night snacking!!! Does anyone else have this issue???? GAH! See and my problem is I don't eat a lot during the day and by night....I am quite hungry! Which is a big NO NO. I really do need to eat throughout the day. No it's not like I starve myself...that is just not good. I eat, but I don't eat a whole lot during the day. I did the same thing with water lol. I don't drink a whole lot throughout the day and I am THIRSTY by night. HELLO LYSSA, RED FLAG! I need to make a point where I do eat more during the day so I am not eating a friggen meal right before bed...

Who else has this problem?? What are some of your bad habits? OR what are some new good ones you have formed? I would LOVE to hear! I need advice too!

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