Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Find!!!

Hey guys! Sorry about going MIA yesterday! Made me very sad that I didn't get the chance to post! I love sharing this information because it's something I truely enjoy! Anywho! I have a new find I'd like to share with everyone! It's a bit more difficult to find a decent one because they either taste like chalk/cardboard or have been caked with sugar and sweeteners for taste, but defeats the purpose of being healthy. Protein bars!!! My sister in California had asked me about Quest Protein Bars and I had never heard of them before. So I went to check them out and I really liked what I saw. They are low in carbs and they aren't from sugar, only 1-2g of sugar (HOLY CROW), 20g of protein (HECK YES), fewer and more natrual ingredients, and they aren't ridiculous on the calorie side. I purchased my first batch in apple pie and I must say, they are pretty dang good! They have SO MANY falvors! They have chocolate and peanut butter, strawberry cheesecake, cinnamon roll, lemon cream, chocolate brownie, and much more. I can get a 12 pack on amazon for about $24-$25. They have saved my life so far when I am running around and don't have time to make food and I DON'T want fast food. I think it's a good fit! I was amazed at the low sugar and carb content, I really thought they'd taste like cardboard, but they surprised me! I would reccomend this one if you are in the market to get more protein or find a quick healthy food. I'll post a link below for more info and where you can find it on amazon!



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