Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Keep It Interesting

Now we have all heard those horror stories of people getting sick of the repetitive and mundane tasks that can (NOT ALWAYS) accompany a more health conscious lifestyle. Whether it be repetative intake of the same foods, same boring workouts, etc. Well, then its an easy fix, try something new. If you're tired of running, go biking or swimming or take an aerobics class. Try incorporating weight lifting or interval training. If you LOVE your workout but you can tell it's getting too easy or needs some pep, ad intervals. I love run on my elliptical, but it can get mundane after the billionth time or less challenging and so I incorporate short and intense drills in different spurts and lengths to shock my body. Tired of salads and water with the occasional card board tasting rice cake? Well, make it a goal to try one new food every week. I will tell you I used to religiously eat broccoli and carrots. Especially carrots! I loved those veggies and I'd dip them in salsa and eat them with every meal. Sadly, I ate them so much that I probably will never be able to eat look at carrots & broccoli for a very long time. Try a new veggie, fruit, protein, or whole grain food item every week. Tired of wheat bread? Switch it up with rye break or a sprouted grain bread. Go hiking or skiing, or snowboarding for a workout! Make it fun! Turn an activity into something that benefits your body as well as challenges you and is fun! It's not hard people, you are not chained to any routine or type of food or tool in your healthy living lifestyle. Play with it, make it fun and enjoyable, make it challenging, make it for you!

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