Thursday, June 6, 2013

Insanity Update...Ouch lol

Sorry about the absense the other day. I know my posting has been sparatic lately, but I will get a system down eventually. I just got a new job and it's a bit of a later in the day shift so a lot of what I need to get done has to get done before work lol. Anyway today is day three of insanity (since I started on Tues) and oh boy....I am SORE!!! It mostly consists of the interval training mentality by getting yor heart rate to sky rocket, then a short rest after each circuit. It has a lot of athletic, sporty, and power move exercises. My least favorite are the suicides, power jumps...and pushups. I have never been very good at pushups, but it's time that's changed!!! It is very intense, but its something very new to my body and I am excited to become stronger. The workout is tough, I have definately had trouble with some of the movements and exercises, but guess what? That is what is going to keep me going! I just started, of course I won't master it the first time. This gives me something to work towards to and achieve! You really do need to switch up your routine every so often because your body will plateau. Don't stay in your comfort zone! Try something new, add intervals in your workout, run an extra mile, add resistance, etc. Just change it up and keep challenging yourself!

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