Saturday, June 22, 2013


I had a discussion with someone the other day about their frustration in not losing weight. They told me what they were doing physically and nutritionally. They were very frustrated as they were very closely following the guidelines one of the calorie calculator apps had advised them in how many calories they were consuming and eating a lot more healthfully. Unfortunately when I had asked to take a look at the app, it was only calculating their caloric consumption based on just a general BMI without calculating their physical activity or exercise. I figured that based on the fact of they were eating a low calorie diet, doing very strenuous exercise sessions they were over burning. When you over burn your caloric intake to an extreme, you tend to have little to no results. You are wearing out your body and its ability to not only burn off excess fat, it cannot properly repair the muscles you have exercised as well. Over burning and under fueling your body makes it think that it is starving and will hold on to any of the foods you consume, making it very difficult to lose the unwanted weight. Health apps are great but they are a generality. Everyone is different! Make sure you find apps that use your individual measurements as well as calculates or activity. May I suggest taking a look at my fit tips section where I discuss the fitbit? I use it religiously and you can download a compatible app that does all that. It also helps you set goals and gives you awards for your achievements! Happy Saturday everyone! Know your numbers!

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