Friday, June 21, 2013

Since I go on and on about music being my motivation, I love finding other people's playlists for inspiration or to add to my collection. I would like to share a few of my "POWER SONGS". These are the songs I will turn on when I feel like I am sort of giving in or I am feeling out of breath or whatever...I switch one of these babies on!

  1. In The End- Black Veil Brides
  2. Edge of Glory- Lady Gaga
  3. Cuckoo- Adam Lambert
  4. Dragula- Rob Zombie
  5. Get Through This- Art of Dying
  6. Hair- Lady Gaga
  7. I'm A Machine- David Guetta ft. Crystal Nicole
  8. Super Villain- Powerman 5000
  9. Turn All the Lights On- T-Pain
  10. We Will Rock You- Queen Vonlichten Version
  11. Mirrors- Natalia Kills
  12. Troublemaker- Green Day
What are some of YOUR "Go To" songs to give you energy or get pumped????

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