Monday, June 24, 2013

Exercising, And Not Even Knowing It

I know a lot of us are sort of chained down to a desk most of the day or are put in an area from which we can't leave or be very far from for most of the day. A lot of us don't get in enough physical activity because...well... I have seen, heard, and made up a lot of reasons not to workout myself so I am sure the list goes on. But you really can add exercise into your day and not even know it. It's a matter of small decisions that can add up to helping you burn more calories and get more movement in your day. Start parking farther away from the grocery store, your office building or any building you work in, use the bathroom farther from your location, or the printer/ fax machine, take the stairs over the elevator. If there is an escalator walk up them like you would normal stairs. Take a walk on your lunch break, use a stability ball as your chair in the office instead. When you need to ask someone a question or speak with someone, walk to their desk or station instead of calling them or IMing them in your work place. Do jumping jacks or pushup or any exercise while you are waiting for your coffee to brew or the microwave to cook your food. Just a few simple steps added to yoru day counts and helps you add more physical activity. It's not hard to do and all it can do is add to your progress in health. Happy Monday everyone!

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