Friday, June 7, 2013

Disney Princess Belle :)

Hey guys! Me and a few other talented and gorgeous gals got together to do this Disney Princess post as a collective blog hop. Since I am more of a fitness and health blog, I thought I would do something more fitness oriented. Besides! How many fitness AND fashion blogs are out there? Maybe I just live under a rock but I don't see a lot of blogs on how to dress fashionably with workout clothes. princess is Belle! Now, it was kind of hard to be a "princess" in more aggressive and athletic clothing. But this is how I took a belle theme and turned it into a more athletic or fitness-y belle. The yellow and white were the colors I chose to resonate with my princess since she wears a huge yellow/gold gown and what she is most seen in. I think this is a fun workout outfit. It's very comfortable and it doesn't stick to you when you are working up a sweat. The capris are the Nike legends. They DON'T ride up or fall down and they are very flattering and hold everything together nicely. The shoes are my Nike Lunars are my favorite Nike shoes, they are super supportive and comfort my feet, even when I abuse them as much as I do. The white top is a Nike Dri-Fit tank, it's very light weight and comfortable. It doesn't stick to you and is very breathable. The yellow sports bra is a Nike printed pro bra. I don't have to double up on bras with Nike usually; one is enough which is VERY nice. Lastly, the 'Just Do It' Nike hoodie I got a while back and it is no longer on the Nike website or in the store, but I am sure you can find a great hoodie selection there. They are thick and warm and comfortable! Perfect for any occasion! You can find the links to these items below. ALSO!!! Want to see the other princesses??? Here are their links! Please! Go check them out! These girls are amazingly talented, beautiful and creative!

Snow White:



  1. Hi Lyssa, I may not say it enough but you really inspire me to try a little harder when it comes to living healthy. Your workout outfit is cute and totally beats my mismatched big t-shirt and shorts LOL.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Kali, you are such a sweetheart!!! I cannot tell you how much those words mean to me. It's so important to take care of yourself because you are 100% worth the effort! This world needs more peeps like you kali, so we want to keep you around as long as possible ;)

  2. I love this!


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