Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome to a new year!

Hello everyone! I apologize for the absense but during the holidays my priority is family and I wanted to spend all my time with them! I hope you were able to do the same! So it is the month of starting over, starting fresh, starting new! What are some of your guys' new years resolutions???? How are you planning on keeping those resolutions so that you don't just lose site of them in three or four weeks? There are a few simple steps to take in making goals or resolutions for yourself and to avoid losing sight of what you really want.

  1. Make your goals attainable. Too often people go overbaord and set unrealistic goals for themselves, and when they don't achieve them they really get down on themselves and give up. Start with baby steps! Instead of promising yourself you're going to lose 50 lbs, focus on losing 5 lbs. Once you start seeing those results, you become more motivated to continue on.
  2. Set yourself up for success. Give yourself the tools necessary to make yourself successful in your journey. Throw out your junk food, declutter your life of negativity, be more positive in all aspects of your life. Supply yourself with positive choices that don't set you back or set you up for failure. Get healthy food, use pinterest for motivation, get a workout program or sign up with a gym.
  3. Spread the word! Let people know your goals! You are more likely to be responsible with your aspirations when people are aware of them. Plus, it also may inspire a friend to do it with you! Sometimes it also helps the people around you set you up for success by cheering  you on in your journey, or help provide options for you that support you in your goals. They can also keep you accountable when you try to cheat ;)
  4. Understand that no plan is fail proof. You will fall down sometimes, you will make mistakes, and mess up. I do it too, all the time! Even after 7 years of my healthy lifestyle, I sometimes don't feel like working out, going as hard as I should, eating as cleanly (if that is even a word) as I should. You just have to get back up and dust yourself off when you fall. It is perfectly normal to have set backs, don't freak out an give up. Identify what triggered it, and improve. You are the only one responsible for your success or failure. You have to keep going no matter what.
I'll be very open with my new year's resolution since I told you all to get the word out on your goals. I want to stop snacking late at night. I am terrible at it, especially since I get off work so late. I want to start drinking more water. I want to eventually cut out completely corn chips. I don't know why but those salty, crunch little tortilla pieces are my down fall lately. No one is perfect guys, don't even think that. Let's get on this journey together. We can all do this, it is just up to us to make it happen. Keep your eyes out for my next posts, I would like to start a challenge with a small group of people. I am taking about 7-8 of you. If you are interested, please comment with your email below and I'll send you a message. Happy New Years everyone! Now go get it!

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