Wednesday, January 15, 2014


To get results or to see change, you can just wish for it or hope that something comes your way. You don't get muscle from watching someone lift weights, and you don't lose the weight by just wanting to lose weight. You really have to find something that you are willing to commit to and do it! Find a workout out or activity that you enjoy and use that to you advantage. If you like playing sports, use that to your advantage by playing longer, harder, trying new tricks or modifying them in a way that works for you and works your body. Go heavier in your weights if  it feels like a breeze when you do a bicep curl or squats. If your already on a fitness journey but you are at a standstill, up the intensity and/ or switch up your routine! You have to push yourself to advance and move on to the next level, to become stronger and over coming your obstacles or whatever is holding you back.

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