Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One step at a time

We all have things that we need/want to work on. It's only when we want it bad enough where we actually try to accomplish those aspirattions. But sometimes, when we don't see results like yesterday we get discouraged and give up. DON'T!!! Anything that is worth it, takes time. Whatever your goals may be or your new year's resolutions may be, don't give up! When you make those small changes and baby steps that promote or support your change, it may be gradual and slow but it builds the foundation for success. Going cold turkey, doing too much too fast, unrealistic expectations, etc. can set you up to for disappointment. Once you feel like you have sacraficed or given up all of the things you used to use as crutches in your old lifestyle (whether that was food, tv, sleep, smoking, etc.) and you are going through withdrawals and not seeing fast result, it will leave you feeling discouraged and disappointed. No matter what your goals are this year, stick to them. Provide the tools and create the steps that will support you in your journey long term. Take each day by day, don't get down on yourself when you mess up! Just keep going! Everyone messes up, but the only way to get to your goals is to keep trying.

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