Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Looks Like It Is Catching On

Ok, you know it is legit when the Disney princesses are in on it! I think this is a fun little chart to share! I just wish we had more positive and strong character for little girls to look up to. I AM NOT dissing on the disney princesses, I am a fan just as much as the next girl. But I wish we had a lot more positive role models that showed girls that they don't have to be this marketed, airbrushed, rail thin, tall model. Even with all the hollywood stars...I feel like girls are looking up to negative and unrealistic role models. No one tells them in the mass media that if you are your individual self, if you are smart, devoted, strong willed, stubborn, just if that you aren't the same as everyone else, you are beautiful. Strong, smart, hard working, dedicated, girls that stay true to themselves and don't have to blend in or follow in the footsteps of being a commercial commodity are the truely beautiful ones. Magzines, models, movies, music, media, like to make us think we aren't good enough sometimes by shoving a very mainstream and commercialed type of "beauty" in our face an if we don't fit it, we feel...well ugly and unimportant. FALSE. Find positive role models that lift you up and encourage you, not beat you down and make you feel liek crap about yourself.

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