Monday, July 22, 2013

Theme of the week....Sweet Tooth?

Who's got a sweet tooth??? Actually....the REAL question is who DOESN'T have a sweet tooth? Or night time cravings??? Those are the worst for me! There are some solutions to this issue to save you from cancelling out the progress you have made so far. My first suggestion is gum. Yes, I said it gum. I get sugar free because it is better for your teeth. You can do mint or if you just want to satisfy it...I am LOVING Extra's Dessert Delight line. I've tried them all and I am super impressed with the flavors! They are all very close to the flavor of the dessert. My favorite is the chocolate chip mint ice cream flavor! DELISH!!! I am not a fan of the sherbet ice cream flavor though, It tastse weird to me...kind of like soap. However, the rest are great!!! They help me really curve the cravings I get or help me stay out of the kitchen at night as much as I can help it. This will be the theme this week is killing your sweet tooth cravings! Stay tunned for more tips and a special giveaway coming're going to love it ;)


  1. These are my favorite during clean eating!!

    1. Aren't they amazing little things???? I love them! They are awesome little life savers! Which one is your favorite?


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