Monday, July 8, 2013

Bio Oil

Hey guys! I hope you had a FABULOUS holiday weekend! I am truly proud to live in such a great country! I thought I'd start this week out with some skin care advice my sister (Nightchayde @ check her out! she's a fabulous fashion blogger btw). So I have TERRIBLE skin. Seriously....I have sensitive skin, then I have eczema AND breakouts... Luckily I have been able to harness the eczema and I don't get it on my face for the most it definately has  left scarring and redness. She recently told me about this product called Bio Oil. She gets really bad rashes or eczema on her hands and it has left a lot of scarring. Since she has tried this bio oil, it really lessened the appearance of her scars. I am starting to try this on my face and I will let you know if I have some positive or negative feedback on the matter. After seeing my sister's results I just wanted to share it with you all if you were looking for a way to reduce scars or trying to find something that really nourishes your skin. I will keep you upedated if it works for me!

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  1. Holy water it's what I cally it. Love you girlie!!! Glad it's working for you!


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