Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Tooth Killer #3

Let's do it the old fashioned way. Want sweets? Have 'em! Well...the RIGHT sweets. FRUIT. How hard is that? If you feel the need for a sweet tooth, indulge it in the cleaner, more healthier way. Take your pick! There are many varieties to choose from and they definately can satisfy the cravings. A good kick in the face would be to have a serving of fruit and 8-16oz of water as a snack. You will fill more satisfied and  feel more clean, energized, healthy, light and won't over do it. Since fruit has natural sugars, the body can break them down more easily and digest them as well as not suffer a high and crash effect of processed sugars which pound on your digestive system, give you energy and kill it as well as making you reach for more. You don't want to be controlled by it do you? Take your power back and indulge in the better for you way.

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