Monday, October 21, 2013

Soulmate Workout

Do you have a soulmate workout??? Do you get up in the morning (or whenever you workout) looking forward to or are excited for your workout? If you aren't, you just haven't found the "right workout for YOU". That is ok! You will find one! It doesn't matter if it is walking, swimming, weight training, running, yoga, pilates, dance, etc. There are a variety of things out there for you to enjoy! My soulmate workout is one of the first workouts I ever bought from an infomercial, Turbo Jam. I loved the variety of this workout as it combines kick boxing, dance, tae kwan doe, athletic drills, etc. I have a short attention span, so the fact that the pace and movement of the workout changes quite often keeps me from getting bored and losing interests. The creator then came out with a much more challenging workout, same concept, just more emphasis on the HIIT mentality. Turbo Fire is my soulmate workout that started from Turbo Jam and exploded into Turbo Fire. It is a lot of fun, the music keeps me moving (and I feel music is a HUGE deal for me.) Music makes me work harder, faster, and keeps my interest and effort level up. I have linked to two videos of the workouts below. What are some of your guys' favorite or soulmate workouts? I always love trying new things! I just had to share something I love and that helped me peel off 60 lbs and has kept me going ever since I decided to make the change. If you want more info on my soulmate workout, just click the pic below! Now go get your sweat on!

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