Monday, October 14, 2013

Nothing To Do With Fitness

Ok, I know this is silly and it has nothing to do with fitness, but I wanted to share this. I am a member of the Rent the Runway website. I am NOT getting endoresed or have any other affiliation with them other than I prescribe to their email alerts and hold an account with them. Anyways, they are a website that allows you to rent higher end designer clothes for a pretty decent price for those special occasions! Well with halloween coming up, and the likely hood of you paying more money than you should for a very cheap costume that you will only wear once, why not use that money on something that is higher end, good quality, FLATTERING, and actually cute enough to wear on its own? Plus, you'd only be wearing it once, so why not just rent it? Rent the Runway and Etsy have teamed up for tons of cute costume ideas with their loveable section of designer clothes. Such a cute idea! I provided the link below! I am unsure if you have to sign up (it's free btw) to be able to browse their selection, but it is worth it! These are a few of my favorite picks from the website.

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