Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Make Up Question

So I have been really bad lately. I have been continuously falling asleep with my make up on...yeah, bad news. My face is already really sensitive and I get breakouts when I fall asleep with my make up. I need your help and advice. I am usually just so worn down by the end of the day, the minute I actually get to stop I end up falling asleep. As a fall back, I used to buy Burts Bees facial cloths. I like those, but I wanted to know what you guys like and recommend as far as a quick make up removal or a great facial cleanser/scrub/wash for sensitive and acne prone skin. I have tried many different products and I seem to eventually build an immunity to products that appear to work in the beginning. I have tried Mary Kay (which works for me on and off), Avon, clinique, proactive, clean and clear, and burts bees citrus scrub. I love Burts Bees citrus scrub, it really gets the dead skin off and smells yummy! Mary Kay timewise does work for me on and off. Clinique and proactive are great, but expensive. I also think that proactive isn't as dramatic as the infomercials say it is, but then again I think proactive is more for those who have really bad or severe acne. If any of you know some great cleansers/scrubs/cloths that are reasonably priced, work quickly (or just works for you) I would LOVE to hear about it! Thanks!


  1. Girl, take your makeup off at night!!!! I can´t even begin to imagine how bad your skin must feel...now that that is said....I use the Ponds or Olay makeup remover cloths, they work really well. In terms of cleanser, I don´t have scne prone skin, so not sure which is best but I like DermOrganic cuz they´re good for sensitive skin or Murad!


  2. I know...its bad :( I will have to try those Olay cloths and I will look out for DermOrganic. My sister uses Murad and LOVES it! Thanks for your input!!!


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