Monday, October 7, 2013

Be Your Personal Best

I know that a lot of the time, we sit there looking at our friends, family, peers, celebrities, etc. and we compare ourselves to other people. Sometimes we look at others and think that they are perfect, they do everything right or better than we do. We always see someone having a better body, a better diet, a better life, better talents, better looks, better well...everything. We like to put people on these pedestals and dig ourselves into these deep dark holes. We aren't pretty enough, we aren't smart enough, strong enough, we aren't...good enough. I want you to STOP listening to those voices. Stop beating yourself up and trying to live someone else's "perfect" life, or live up to their standards. You are always trying to be something that you're not to live up to someones standards or make someone like you for their reasons, and not yours. DO YOUR OWN PERSONAL BEST. STOP worrying about perfection or doing something to make someone else happy. STOP comparing yourself. Start doing things for yourself, to make yourself happy. To some that sounds selfish, but it isn't. You need to start doing your own best, we all have weaknesses, we all fall down, we all fail. But we fail in our own ways and have our different challenges and our own strengths. It is unrealistic and unfair to live a life for someone else, to live under someone else's telescope, to make everyone else happy to be someone else. Be you, live life for you, do and complete tasks for you and yours. No one is perfect, no one. All you can do is your absolute best, and try your hardest. That is when you live your full potential, that is when you succeed. You are being true and honest with yourself, and you start living a life that fulfills those strengths and endures those personal weaknesses. You will never hear anyone say or regret living up to THEIR OWN PERSONAL best and their own standards. They created a life where instead of being someone else and living like someone else, they left their own footprint, their own accomplishments, legacies. Sorry this was a long rant, but I feel like this is something we all deal with, even me. This post even might have been more for me because I am SO guilty of doing this. Just rememeber, that you are amazing and talented in your own way, don't hide that to be just another Jane or John. Be you.

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