Monday, September 30, 2013

One hour a week

I want to challenge you. For just one measley hour a week, I want you to find something you enjoy that is a phsyscial activity. Sports, running, jump roping, climbing, yoga, walking, etc. Then for at least five days, schedule a 20 minutes of that day for whichever activity you choose. Write it down, write what you are doing, what time you will start it, and for how long (20 min) and schedule it for five days at least. Now that you have taken the time to MAKE time in your day for just 20 minutes of activity, you don't have an exuse for not having anytime for just a small 20 minutes of your day. As you continue to do this each week, you can add intensity and/or time to make the task more challenging and thus you burn more fat and calories. All it takes is good planning, determination, and baby steps to healthier choices. This really isn't as hard as it seem. I got this template from pinterest to use to schedule my week/month. Go ahead and use it as well to schedule your 20 minutes a day :)


  1. if only that calander would yell at me and lock the fridge until I worked out...that would be awesome.

    1. It does yell at you. Once you have scheduled a time to do it, it is constantly a reminder that you need to do it and that you have set aside time for it.


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