Friday, September 6, 2013

App of the Day!

So I love smart phones and all their fitness and health apps that are available to help me learn more and introduce me to new workouts, eating and food tips, and so on. Today's app of the day is called FIXFIT. It has all sorts of workouts and based on what your schedule looks like it has a search engine that filters by time form 20-45 min! There is a calander inside to schedule your workouts and help you meet your goals and workouts you can download for offline (yes, I sadi OFFLINE) viewing. It has different cardio or weight training sessions that target any areas you wish (legs, core, glutes, etc). I like this because they also have stretching exercises and I am HORRIBLE when it comes to flexibility training. I really need to make that a priority as much as my cardio and weight training. But go check this handy little app out! It is perfect if you are on the go and travel a lot, you can find some fun short workouts to keep you fit and in shape while on the road! Oh...btw...did I mention it's free???

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