Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ok...someone is following me around

 Seriously! I think someone has! These are all the areas I am very selfconcious about and probably 80% of the female population is (they left out the belly though). My goal this year is to work on these parts by making them stronger. I think I will definately try these workouts! Just remember my peeps and I konw I sound like a broke record but...there is no such thing as spot reduction. Fat doesn't disappear off your love handles after doing 500 bicycle crunches. It comes off gradually and all throughout your body. Just focus on this. Being HEALTHIER, becoming stronger than you were, becoming the person you truly are and being free from any restraints. Free from pain, aches, terrible immune systems, frequent fatigue, free from the obstacles that keep you from being you. It isn't about being skinny (don't roll your eyes) or being a barbie doll. It is about being YOU. Once you are free from those restraints, you can be YOU. Do what you've always wanted to! Traveling, playing with your kids withouth huffing or needing to sit down, going on long walks with your significant other (beach anyone?) or getting through work without aches or strains.

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