Monday, September 9, 2013


Yup, that's right. We live in a society where we expect immediate results. We forget sometimes that the things we want most or the things worth while take time. Be PATIENT. Take one day at a time. No one meal won't change your body, but it does set the tone for your next decision and the next direction you will take. Choosing nutritious food makes you feel more energized and makes you feel better about yourself, with an improved mood and more energy you can achieve more physically and mentally instead of beating yourself up and feeling bad about yourself. It is just like every day life decisions. Each one takes us to a different point of our journeys and lead us down a path of our destiney that we choose. Every turn we make, we pursue a different journey or desitnation. Just remember, the decisions you make and the work you put into it delivers the exact results of what you put itno it.


  1. This is a big encouragement for me TODAY. I've just weaned my littlest a month or so ago and readjusting to not burning 1,000 calories a day while sitting. :) Been doing pretty well and was about to beat myself up for the Starbucks treat I had today; but a treat is a treat!


  2. You are exactly right sarah! We all have moments where we should be allowed to treat ourselves or we just can't resist those tastey treats and it is not the end of the world! You just stay focused and keep on truckin ;)


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