Thursday, September 26, 2013

What is Your Motivation?

I often get the question of "How do you get/stay motivated to workout and stay healthy?" For me honestly it is therapy. I feel like I am happier and I feel so empowered and so much better after a good sweaty workout. When I am having a hard time pushing through I think of all the people in school or in my life that have told me that I "can't/won't succeed." I think about all the people that called me horrible names in school because I was overweight and I think of how they treated me like I was nobody, nothing, a failure, a loser. I think of all the people that left me high and dry and only used me to their benefit. By that point I am mad as hell (being a red head) that isn't hard to do ;) JK! But in that moment I hear my oh so stubborn, rebellion voice peek through and say, "Yes I can, yes I will, I can do anything I set my mind to, keep moving, get tough, push harder, prove them wrong, you've got mountains to move and more determination than they will have in a minute, GO." That's what gets me pumped and gets me going in the morning (with a touch of music of course). But that's me, that's what gets my blood boiling. What is it for you?
I had some friends that did a money jar. They would add X amount of money to their jar for making a healthy choice or working out to save up something to buy for themselves. This could be a new dress, new shoes, taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant, or going to a movie with your friends/significant other, etc. Others need a simple visual (as seen below) to show them the progress they have made. When I first lost a lot of weight, I literally didn't see it, other people did. So when you are measuring and keeping track, it motivates you to go harder and push yourself when you see progress. Stay motivated my friends! I know it's Friday, so get your workout in and done so you can go play!


  1. You are simply one of the most amazing girls lou! After all you went through in school and all that weight you dropped in high school. Especially with the eating habits you grew up in. You are amazing. You went through a lot in your life and you have conquered each step with the eff you attitude I will succeed and you did. You graduated with your bacholers when most people are working on their associates. Graduated high school top honors, with so many amazing accomplishments under your belt. You have so much drive lou. Love you girly! I cant imaginge life without you!! May you always remember how much you inspire me each and every day.

    1. You are such a sweetheart! You know I was only able to do it because I have you as a sister! You push me to be my very best! Thank you for always giving me the support and love I needed through all those hard times. I cannot imagine myself being here today without you cutie! I just adore you and I love hanging out with you and I am so very blessed that I have you as my sister! I love you girl! You are so beautiful and strong and styish. You showed me the ropes on a lot of things growing up. You inspire me as well, don't pretend like you didn't/don't face hard times with your head held high. I get it from you! I love you! Keep truckin girl! You are on to some amazing things!


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