Monday, April 15, 2013

The secret to abs!!!!

This is a question that I am sure everyone wants to know the answer to! We all want abs, right? They seem almost near impossible to achieve! So you are bound and determined to do an extra 10 push ups or another hundred crunches or russian twists and that's what is suppose to make your abdomen lean and tight looking...right? Unfortunately not. Don't get me wrong, all those exercises will strengthen your core and abdomen to give you a better posture and it's a muscle so training it helps increase your metabolism, but constantly doing crunches or sit ups won't give you the results you are looking for. The best exercise that will give you abs is done in the kitchen. This may be good new to some of you out there and it also may be bad news. Only 20%-30% of your weight loss regiment is exercise. (That doesn't mean abandon it all together because it's still very beneficial!!!) and 70%-80% is your.......DIET. Yikes. If you aren't taking a closer look at what your eating, your cheating yourself out of your best results. You cannot outrun your fork. Sure, you can have that donut and then hop on the elliptical or stationary bike for an extra 30 min, to burn off excess calories, but your results will slack. My fitness idol always said that the best exercise is walking...walking away from the kitchen (Chalene Johnson). It's true, if you want quicker results and a lean body, you must nourish your body with clean and healthy foods. I did not immediately start exercising at the beginning of my weight loss journey, I just took a closer look at my foods and started opting for better options and the weight began to peel off. Add exercise and the results are even quicker and will blow you away. Just make it your own and something you can stick to. Eat as clean as you can 80% of the time :)


  1. Booo that means I shouldn't be eating a slice of pizza while running on the tread mil...

    1. unfortunately not. if it was 80% fitness and 20% nutrition, I'd tell you to eat two!!! lol!


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