Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peanut Butter Addict

Yup, that's right. I am a peanut butter addict! IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! Unfortuanely it's very high in calories & fat. Not to mention the normal/popular peanut butter brands  you buy off the shelf is process peanut flavored shortening. That is the basics of your popular store brand peanut butter, not a joke. You want to stick with natrual brands where you have to stir the peanut butter with the oil. Pay attention to the ingredients, you basically want just peanuts in the ingredients, and a little bit of sea salt if you really want that flavor and minimal to no sugar. However, even it being natrual it is still high in calories and fat... So what is a peanut butter addict to do????

PB2 or Just Great Stuff

This stuff is LEGIT. It is powdered peanut butter! Sound weird? Get over it! all you have to do is take 2 Tbl. and add a little water...PRESTO peanut butter with (drumroll) 85% less fat AND ONLY 45 Calories per serving! GASP! It even comes in regular peanut butter flavor AND....wait for it....chocolate peanut butter! YUM! I use this in EVERYTHING!!!! Shakes, sandwhiches, drizzled on fruit, etc. Just Great stuff is a bit more rich in nutrients, but I buy PB2 because I can get four 1 lbs bags on amazon for $30. Just Great Stuff is sold here locally (at least not that I know of) and on amazong for a small jar is a bit pricey, in my opinion. Either way you cannot fail! This is the answer to health fanatic peanut butter lovers everywhere! So you can have your peanut butter and eat it too! (cheesy, I know).


  1. Thats good to know Lyssa. Peanut butter is my favorite flavor out there. I almost fainted when I realized Reese's makes peanut butter but I can't even image how terrible it must be in terms of fat, salt, sugar, etc.

    :) Kali

    1. OMG, Reese's makes peanut butter! Oh man I die... I remember Reese's where a HUGE downfall for me. Who can deny chocolate and peanut butter???? Hahaha!


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