Thursday, April 25, 2013

Weight Lifting for Ladies

Ladies, this one is for you! How many of you are afraid to lift heavy weights because you are afraid of or don't want to "bulk up". Well guess what? You can't. You do NOT have the hormones to "bulk up". You do not have the amount of testosterone needed or required to get chuncky muscles. It WILL build muscle, but not to the point where you feel like a man. You will get more toned and lean by add resistance training to your workouts. DO NOT be afraid to lift HEAVY. I was totally in the same boat when I started exercising in the beginning. I didn't touch weights at all. I did strictly cardio for   5-6 days a week. However, as I lost the weight...I had "flabby" looking areas. The weight was going away, but it left a flappy body. I then started doing a strength training program that applies the overload principle which is doing fewer reps (10-12) with heavier weights. Then doing about three very slow and concentrated reps after I failed anywhere between 10-12 reps. By doing this, you break down the muscles more quickly (this is good, just make sure you are aware of your limits and proper form). Once you break down the muscles to this extent, you build a much more lean and tight body more quickly than you realize. It is great! I never realized how important weight training is! Not only do you look tight and toned, but it revs your metabolism for the rest of the day, strengthens your body not just through muscles but your bones as well, and makes all of your cardio and everyday life activities soooooo much easier! Plus, more muscles= higher metabolism= more food! Make sure its clean food though! Weight training doesn't mean you can do a couple bench presses and bicep curls and go eat a pizza pie without a problem. Do NOT be afraid of weights! I am so glad I began to add resistance training to my workouts! You should be lifting at least 3x's a week. Do not neglect this part of your new lifestyle! It gives you some serious results!


  1. Yay!!!! I had a similar post on my blog, cuz I get so annoyed when I hear girls saying they don´t wanna do it cuz they think it makes em bulky! I do weights for the majority of my workout and I love it! My natural fat-burner!

    1. Right Jezz??? I would like to know where that rumor even started! I don't know how girls realize they do NOT have the testosterone to even build up to bulk. We just don't have that kind of make up in our feminine bodies. Ladies, if you see "bulky" women they are probably taking extra supplements or something else to achieve that bulk. Trust me, weight lifting (heavy weights please no lame 1 lbs. dumbells) is going to provide AMAZING results and benefits!


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