Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Not Always What You See

Holy crap is this picture TRUE! You can't always see success right away. I know a lot of poeple get very frustrated when they don't see immediate results and give up. REMEMBER, everyone is different and has different genetics or different body types. You have to learn from your mistakes, and press onward. You have to fail sometimes to succeed. I don't think you can ever truly fail as long as you KEEP going. It may not be your A game or your best, but you are doing WAY more than someone who isn't even trying. I honestly never saw my body drop the weight. The only reason I started looking more closely is when people around me started asking me if I had shed some pounds or that I looked different. ONLY THEN, did I actually notice the pants getting bigger, energy level being higher, workouts and everyday life activities became easier. Sadly, I didn't see it in myself until others started noticing. You will always have a skewed perception of yourself, you are your worst critic, you know. No matter how tough it gets, or how little you feel you did or feel like your making progress, it is ALWAYS one step closer to your goal. NEVER give up, because you will be that much closer to your dreams than not trying at all.
P.S. I uploaded a scrumptious (and healthy!) Recipe, just go to the Recipe tab :)


  1. Oh I need this on a poster for a work out room

  2. Great Idea! I think that would be a fantastic idea to put inpirational posters or quotes in a workout room! So when you get to a point where that sneaky little voice in your head is saying you're "too tired" or "I can't do it" starts to become more evident, you just look up at this cute little poster and you get your second wind :)


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