Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WOTD 4/10/13

4:35 AM came a lot sooner than I was hoping for. But isn't that always the case?? I work out first thing in the morning because I know myself and how I think. If I leave it to later in the day, usually I will try and make excuses and push it back or do it with not as much power or effort because "it's been a long day" and "I'm tired". Don't get me wrong, I said I TRY to get my sorry butt out of bed to workout this early. There ARE and WILL be times where that may not be an option and I will MAKE time for it later, I just have to make sure that I plan ahead for those days so I can mentally prepare myself to workout the minute I can.

Ok, now that I am off my soapbox, today's workout consisted of two parts. I feel when I am bored of my routine or am in the "I don't feel like working out" or "I'm too tired" mentality, I need to keep things interesting in my workout. I split it up into two 20 min increments. For the first 20 minutes I did the workout that changed my life back when I first started to show any interest in fitness. On one of my many late nights of insomnia I caught the infomercial of Chalene Johnson's program, Turbo Jam. This came to be my heart and soul for working out. It's a mixture of kick boxing, dance, tae bo. And it is SO MUCH FUN! The first 20 min of my workout were dedicated to her 20 minute TJ. Then I did 20 minutes of running on the elliptical. Making a work out in incriments of time dedicated to different exercises makes it more refreshing, and feels shorter. You don't run into that wall where you feel like you've been working out for an hour and it's only been like 3 minutes. Get your sweat on!!!! Find something you love that makes you move and DO IT!!! Anything is better than nothing!



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  1. I used to run like two miles plus a day and I loved it... I need to find that love because every time I run I dread every minute of it


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